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Road to Post Secondary for Neurodiverse Students

Started Dec 16, 2023

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Module 1: Introduction and habits of effective learners
Module 2: What are ADHD and Learning Disabilities: How do these conditions impact my individual needs as a learner?
Module 3: What's the Difference Between High School and Post-Secondary School? Structure, time management, curriculum, self-monitoring your progress, independent learning, class and campus size, expectations, and self-adovcacy
Module 4: How Do I Prepare for Post-Secondary School? What to do before you apply, after you're accepted, and while you're there
Module 5: Strategies for Post-Secondary Success: What to do and what not to do and study methods that actually work
Module 6: Academic Supports and Accommodations for Neuordiverse Students: What is an accommodation, do I disclose my diagnosis to the school, and accessing supports to be successful
Module 7: Thriving in Post-Secondary: surviving VS thriving, balancing school and life, planning your time, mental and physical health
The Workbook: Students will complete tasks related to each module as they progress through the course. At the end of the course, they will have a specific individualized plan that they can save and print to guide them on this journey.