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Inside Learning Disabilities for Educators

Sep 1, 2021 - Aug 31, 2025

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Early Childhood Educators, University Students, and Education Assistants use promo code DISCOUNT to get $100 off the course price.

Created by teachers and psychologists who work with these students every day, Inside Learning Disabilities takes you inside the world of Learning Disabilities (LDs) at school: from facts and diagnoses to co-occurring conditions and LD strategies for students, teachers, and learning environment. It has been designed for professionals who work with students to help build your understanding of LDs in order to increase student success and your success as a professional.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Learning Disabilities
  2. Examination and diagnosis of Specific Learning Disabilities
  3. The relationship between Learning Disabilities and executive functioning
  4. The relationship between Learning Disabilities and cognitive proficiency
  5. Strategies for instruction and assessment
  6. Learning Disabilities and the impact on social and emotional functioning 
  7. The disorders that frequently co-occur with Learning Disabilities (ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  8. The learning and reading brain
  9. The writing and math brain
  10. Setting everyone up for success (advocacy, transitions, planning, etc.)

You can work on modules on your own time and at your own pace. All modules will open once you register and will remain open until August 31. Each module should take approximately 3 hours to complete (30 hours in total).

Group rates are available for 10 or more participants, as are private classrooms for groups of 10 or more. Contact Tanya at for more information. 

Course created by Tanya Keto (BEd, MEd, Alberta Permanent Professional Certified Teacher, Registered Psychologist), Breanne Davidson (BEd, MEd, Alberta Permanent Professional Certified Teacher), Ann Wade (BA, MSc, Registered Psychologist), Melissa Yue (BSc, MEd, Registered Psychologist), Austin Brown Sparks (BA, MC, Registered Psychologist), Cathi Graveline (Assistive Technology Specialist), and Dr. Karen MacMillan (PhD, Registered Psychologist). 


Course content is updated on an ongoing basis as new, evidence-based information is discovered.